[PG] Lead Audio Northern Fidelity NF 384 DAC , ampli cuffie e pre
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    Vendo un Lead Audio Northern Fidelity NF 384 DAC DSD bilanciato, ampli cuffie e pre 

    Condizioni pari al nuovo, con confezione originale, power supply con presa UK [fornisco adattatore]

    Funziona con Apple Remote [non incluso]

    Piccolo gioiello norvegese, poco conosciuto ma merita sicuramente il prezzo di vendita di 649 GBP

    Vendo a 365 euro inclusa spedizione.





    Exceptional Sabre based DSD DAC , headphone amp and balanced Preamp

    The NF DAC-384 is the successor to the Lead Audio LA-100 but upgraded its features and quality for the Lead Audio customers who have always encouraged, urged and waited for the next generation of DAC. However, it is not only for the users who already know the beauty of Lead Audio's sound but also for the new users who are ready to explore the new tone and timbre.

    NF DAC-384 is a true user oriented DAC. It has various inputs such as USB, Optical, Coaxial and Wireless (Apt-X Bluetooth) and has various outputs such as Headphone, Balanced Line-out and Unbalanced Line-out to meet all different tastes of user's selections. User can enjoy high-class of sound with his/her own selective input and output method with comfort.

    The front panel has high-class brushed aluminium finish and has a convenient user interface with input/out selection switches and master volume control for headphones and variable output.


    "Superbly-specified, open sounding DAC with Bluetooth at a great price." - Hi-Fi World January 2016
    Click here to read the full review. 

    Lead Audio NF DAC-384 Features

    The NF DAC features high precision components usually found in much more expensive Hi-Fi products

    ESS Technology Reference 9018K2M 32bit Sabre DAC and Wima Condensers.
    1 ppm of TCXO used for high precision of broadcasting equipment. NF DAC realizes Low Noise Master Clock with top-class of 1 ppm TCXO adaptation which has been used only for broadcasting equipments and uses double multiplication of frequency to secure 50% of Duty of Master clock. It fundamentally removes Jitter and Noise from the Clock so that the reproduction of the original sound becomes more substantial.
    Adaptation of special noise reduction technology know-how with 2 steps buffering clock.
    Adaptation of Sample rate converting technology used for top-class of Hifi Audio to remove Jitter noise which is fatal to sound quality.
    Adaptation of DC Coupled circuit for the high quality of sound which fundamentally eliminates the degradation of the sound quality from the usage of capacitor.

    USB 2.0 Compatible from PC/MAC
    S/PDIF RCA 75 Ohm Input (coax)
    S/PDIF Toslink Input (Optical)
    Bluetooth 4.0 (APT-X)

    Front panel headphone output
    RCA Variable output
    RCA Fixed output
    XLR Fixed output
    Package Contents

    NF DAC-384
    12V DC/3A UK Power Supply
    USB A-B Cable
    Wireless Antenna
    Operation Manual

    DA Converter

    ESS Technology ES9018K2M, 32Bit/384KHz PCM, DSD-64, DSD-128
    Digital Input Sampling Frequency

    USB: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz, DSD-64, DSD-128
    Digital Input: 20Khz to 216KHz
    Fequency response: DC to 20Khz

    -120dB by Design (0.0001% Distortion)
    S/N Ratio:

    > 120dB by Design (A-weighting)

    Patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator
    Line Out Level

    2.0V RMS (1KHz 0dB)
    Headphone Out Level

    Max 3.0V RMS
    Power Consumption

    <10 Watts

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    venduto, grazie
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